Investment Strategy

At Springer Capital, our goal is to provide investors with superior rates of return by finding unrealized potential in multifamily real estate. Over the last decade, Springer’s principals have developed a well-defined, risk-averse strategy focused on cash flow and value creation. This strategy involves identifying and investing in existing small-to-medium sized assets with value-add and redevelopment real estate opportunities. Our primary drivers are selecting markets with a diverse economy and positive demographic trends.

We target properties from financially distressed owners, non-strategic holders of real estate, and other motivated sellers.  Investments are primarily made in assets that are poorly managed, under-valued, under-capitalized, and/or suffering from deferred maintenance which therefore sell at a discount to their intrinsic value.  Working with our management teams, we reposition assets by replacing and improving existing on-site employees while implementing targeted capital improvement plans, expense savings programs, and aggressive leasing strategies.  Each investment we make has a compelling story and a well-defined exit strategy.

Our disciplined investment approach includes:

  • Identification of small-to-medium sized projects – those too small for institutional investors but too large for individual investors

  • Comprehensive selection process for first class, experienced property managers and construction specialists

  • Application of stringent investment criteria and a comprehensive due diligence process

  • Use of conservative assumptions in the analysis of potential acquisitions

  • Intensive focus on risk management to preserve capital

Investment Philosophy of our on-site property management team

We believe successful real estate investing requires a deep knowledge of local markets, a rigorous valuation methodology based on asset fundamentals and market trends, and strong relationships with experienced management partners.

We adhere to a rigorous deal selection process and apply a disciplined acquisition approach and sound judgment to each investment.

We believe the return on an investment is maximized through intensive asset management and thorough supervision of our on-site management team. 

We believe that close alignment of our interests with our limited partners is essential for ensuring long-term success.

We conduct business with fairness, integrity and complete transparency.

Investment Criteria

Over the course of a year, we are presented with hundreds of real estate investment opportunities.  We focus only on those that fit our demanding investment criteria:

Property Traits

  • Well-located, with re-positioning and value-add potential

  • Strong local employment drivers offering long-term stability through diversification

  • Easy access to local transportation

Real Estate Types

  • Apartments – B / C

Investment Size

  • $10 - $35 million per transaction

  • $2 - $15 million of equity

Investment Horizon

  • 3 - 10 years

Geographic Focus

  • Direct investments within the eastern half of the United States

  • Primarily secondary and tertiary markets


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